Sunday, 18 May 2014

Here comes the judge – puff piece on IPSO's new chair

Here comes the judge – the maverick aiming to tame Britain's raucous press | From the Guardian | The Guardian: ""To those who have voiced doubts as to the ability of Ipso to meet the demands of independent regulation, I say that I have spent over 40 years pursuing the profession of barrister and judge whose hallmarks are independent action and independent judgment. I do not intend to do away with that independence now."

Moses was subjected to what is understood to have been a rigorous interview for the Ipso post, described by one of the participants as "a robust going-over that took him somewhat by surprise."" 'via Blog this'

Monday, 12 May 2014

Joint declaration on universality and the right to freedom of expression

Joint declaration on universality and the right to freedom of… · Article 19: "Certain types of legal restrictions on freedom of expression can never be justified by reference to local traditions, culture and values. Where they exist, such restrictions should be repealed and anyone who has been sanctioned under them should be fully absolved and be afforded adequate redress for the violation of their human rights. These include:

                          i.    Laws which protect religions against criticism or prohibit the expression of dissenting religious beliefs.             ii.    Laws which prohibit debate about issues of concern or interest to minorities and other groups which have suffered from historical discrimination or prohibit speech which is an element of the identity or personal dignity of these individuals and/or groups.

iii.    Laws which provide for special protection against criticism for officials, institutions, historical figures, or national or religious symbols." 'via Blog this'