Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Peter Fleischer (Google): A Glorious Day for a Free Internet in Italy

Peter Fleischer: Privacy...?: A Glorious Day for a Free Internet in Italy: "The Court's opinion is a lucid and ringing endorsement of the principles Google and I have been defending since the beginning of this prosecution 6 years ago: on Intermediary Liability:  The Court held that Internet platforms, like Google Video or YouTube, are not responsible for user-uploaded content, absent notice of inappropriate content.  These platforms also cannot—and should not—be required to pre-screen content that is uploaded to them.  Any efforts to pre-screen content would raise serious risks to users’ freedom of expression.  In the Court's own words:  
“Imposing a duty on or granting the power to, an internet provider to carry out prior screening seems to be a step that is to be afforded particularly careful consideration, given that it is not entirely free of risk due to the possibility of a conflict arising with the principles of freedom of expression of thought”." 'via Blog this'

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