Monday, 8 April 2013

Leveson, Crime and Courts Bill and Online publishers

Leveson, Crime and Courts Bill and Online publishers, the devil is in the detail – Ashley Hurst | Inforrm's Blog: "sticks apply to any publisher falling within the definition of “relevant publisher” currently set out in clause 18(1) of the Bill, which will include any person “who, in the course of a business (whether or not carried on with a view to profit), publishes news-related material— (a) which is written by different authors, and (b) which is to any extent subject to editorial control.“
The requirements of “in the course of business” and “news-related material” will exclude many bloggers but the scope of these requirements is by no means certain. Whilst it would not include this blog, it may well include websites like Mumsnet unless they fall within the “special interest” website definition. It will also certainly apply to Google news and other online news publishers and smaller companies publishing news related material, whether through their own journalism or through aggregation." 'via Blog this'

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