Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Maria Miller's statement on press regulation

Maria Miller's statement on press regulation - full text | Media | "all involved in the process now consider a royal charter, to oversee this regulatory body, to be the correct way forward. Six months ago this seemed impossible.
What we are now talking about are differences of opinions in how a royal charter should be constructed.
The committee of the privy council is unable to recommend the press' proposal for a royal charter be granted. Whilst there are areas where it is acceptable, it is unable to comply with some fundamental Leveson principles and government policy, such as independence and access to arbitration. A copy of this recommendation letter has been placed in the library of both houses.
In the light of this, we will be taking forward the cross-party charter which was debated in this house.
I can therefore tell all members of this house that the cross-party charter will be on the agenda at a specially convened meeting of the privy council on 30 October.
In the interim, we must finish making our charter workable, so it will meaningfully deliver independent and effective self-regulation." 'via Blog this'

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