Monday, 18 November 2013

Independent Press Standards Organization – More of the Same?

The Independent Press Standards Organization – A Genuinely Independent Alternative to the PCC, or More of the Same? | LSE Media Policy Project: "a close analysis of each of the documents underpinning the IPSO scheme demonstrates that the claim that “all the key elements” will be delivered is false. An assessment by the Media Standards Trust, published today shows that, of the 38 Leveson recommendations applicable to a new self-regulatory body, IPSO satisfies 12, and fails 20 – more than half. For the remaining six, it is unclear on current information whether they will be satisfied.
The IPSO plans contain some significant improvements – internal complaints and compliance mechanisms within members, a whistleblowing hotline for journalists, and protection for journalists from disciplinary action if they refuse to breach the Code of Practice – but the recommendations it fails to comply with encompass many of the core components of Leveson’s vision for a new regulatory system. Of these, three stand out: independence, arbitration, and complaints" 'via Blog this'

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