Monday, 4 February 2013

Google and Online Liability

Google and Online Liability: "In Tamiz v Google [2012] EWHC 449 (QB), it was decided that an unrepresented claimant could not proceed to discovery and trial on the basis that the web site service provider was not a publisher at common law. This goes further than even a service provider could have hoped. If the original decision is correct, one wonders why there is a need for the three defences in the eCommerce Directive at all. The ground has also shifted since the original hearing before Eady J. Mr Tamiz obtained representation. There has been a public and political sea-change in perceptions in relation to the media and the Internet (eg hacking, trolls, invasions of Royal privacy, abuse, suicides, etc.). Case law has also advanced, especially in other jurisdictions. It is instructive to look at the approaches elsewhere to similar and related issues. " 'via Blog this'

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