Friday, 1 February 2013

Was Leveson Wrong under Article 10 to Reject a Statutory Right of Reply?

Was Leveson Wrong to Reject a Statutory Right of Reply? | LSE Media Policy Project: "In his Report Lord Justice Leveson considered and rejected a proposal that there should be a statutory right of reply or correction. This was a proposal made by the Media Regulation Roundtable in its evidence to the Inquiry. His reasons for rejecting this proposal are unconvincing. An important opportunity has been missed. Such a right would provide a valuable additional incentive to the membership of a “Leveson compliant” self-regulatory body. In addition, Lord Justice Leveson fails to engage with the point – which he himself recognises – that Article 10 and other international obligations may, in any event, require the UK government to provide a statutory right of reply." 'via Blog this'

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