Thursday, 13 November 2014

Last gasp of the super-injunction?

Last gasp of the super-injunction - RPC Privacy Law: "The MOD recognises that the statistics are not complete and do not cover every application which falls within the subject.
It is nonetheless surprising that the figures reveal that every application for a new interim privacy injunction since August 2011 has resulted in an injunction being granted.
That said, it does seem clear that super-injunctions are almost extinct. The last interim super-injunction that was granted was in 2011.
Other derogations from open justice, or combinations of them, are being deployed frequently by the courts. 64% of applications for new interim privacy injunctions were heard in private, party anonymity was ordered in 50% and access to statements of case by non-parties restricted in 86% of cases." 'via Blog this'

Note: In 2014, there were zero applications in the first 6 months for a privacy injunction.

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