Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Society of Editors Conference 2014 - Ministerial pre-election speech

Society of Editors Conference 2014 - Speeches - GOV.UK: "In the summer of 1949, the horrors of the Nazi regime were still fresh in our minds.

The world was looking on helplessly as Stalin tightened his grip on Eastern Europe.

And in that atmosphere, David Maxwell-Fyfe led the drafting of what he called “a beacon to the peoples behind the Iron Curtain” – The European Convention on Human Rights.

Maxwell-Fyfe’s goals were noble. But today, they stand corrupted.

Article Eight, protecting the right to privacy, was created to fend off the threat of secret police conducting arbitrary searches for totalitarian regimes.

But in 2014 it is little more than an excuse for well-paid lawyers to hide the shady pasts of wealthy businessmen and the sexual indiscretions of sporting celebrities.

That people are being allowed to do so in the name of human rights shows how far from Maxwell-Fyfe’s intentions the idea has drifted." 'via Blog this'

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